Join Me in the Shower

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I pulled up to Adriana’s house, parked my car and casually walked up to her door. She told me she may still be getting freshened up from her long night at work but to come on in and make myself at home if she didn’t answer the door, so after knocking a couple of times I turned the doorknob and walked inside.


“Its me, I’m here.”

No answer from her. But the radio was on and I smelled her perfume so I walked in the living room and sat on the arm of the couch to patiently wait. It wasn’t long before I heard her voice from the back of the house.

“Hey! I’m taking a quick shower, be right out!”

“OK I’ll be here!”

My mind was instantly flooded with thoughts of her in the shower. I couldn’t stop thinking about her long hair, wet, flowing down her back. I could almost see the water dripping from the ends of her hair, down her lower back, and trailing down her perfect ass. I could see it drip from her shoulders down her delicious neck and breasts. How the diamonds in her belly piercing must glisten as the water drips down her perfect tummy. I felt myself starting to get excited, the front of my jeans began to tighten as the mental images played through my head.

“I have to go back there,” I thought to myself as I stood up and paced around the living room for a moment.

I haven’t been hanging out with her too long so I didn’t know how she’d react to me just barging in on her shower. But my mental images were too powerful and my curiosity was overwhelming. I walked back to her bedroom, a bit nervous, but excited. I saw the steam coming out of the bathroom door as I sat on her bed and took off my shoes.

I suddenly heard the shower glass door slide open and then I heard her voice calling out to me.

“Hey!! Can you bring me a towel please??!”

She closed the door and I sat there a moment before grabbing her towel off of her bed and walking into her bathroom. I could see her silhouette through the frosted glass and felt myself getting hard.

“Here you go!”

I stood there with her towel and she opened the shower door enough to stick her head out and smile at me.

“Just hang it right there for me.”

“Wanna join me?”

She smiled shyly but seductively at me as her wet hair framed her face. I didn’t have to answer, she could see my response on my face. I smiled back at her and took off my shirt. My pants and boxers quickly joined my shirt on her bathroom floor and I eagerly entered her shower.

I stood behind her, the water hot on my skin, the smell of her shampoo and lotions in the steamy air.


I put my arms around waist, my hands rubbed over her stomach and she backed into me. I felt my cock hardening as soon as her wet ass brushed against my cock. She looked back at me and smiled. She reached back and put her hands on my thighs as I held her there, closer, the water raining down on us.

I leaned in and kissed the back of her neck passionately. My tongue tasted the water on her skin as I brushed her hair aside. She moaned as I sucked her neck gently. My mouth moved up her sweet neck slowly and the tip of my tongue teased her earlobe. She pressed her ass back into me and I felt her fingernails dig into my thighs just a bit. My hands slid up from her waist, over her breasts, to her neck, then her face. I caressed it for a moment as I pressed back against her ass. Then I turned her around and kissed her deeply as I held her face in my hands.

I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. I felt her breathing deepen as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I felt her nipples hardening against my chest as I held her close and felt her hands moving down my legs. I felt my body tense as her hands found my cock. She grabbed it lustfully, one hand around the base and one hand on the head as we kissed. I moaned into her mouth as she squeezed my hardness. The water from the shower washed the wetness from the tip of my dick as she slowly stroked it with both of her soft wet hands. My hands slid down her face, caressed her neck and shoulders before rubbing her beautiful tits. I squeezed them, rubbed my fingertips over her nipples, and cupped her breasts in my hand. I held them together and watched the water running between them as I throbbed in her hands.

I leaned down and kissed her nipples. Licked the drops of water on them and drank it eagerly before kissing down her stomach. My hands slid down her waist, down her thighs, and between her legs. I guided one of her legs to the shower ledge as I knelt down and looked up at her. I kissed her thighs and tried to catch the drops of water dripping down her thigh with the tip of my tongue. Getting closer and closer to the warmth between her legs. I felt her hands in my wet hair and looked up at her and our eyes locked as the tip of my tongue touched her burning pussy. I could taste how wet she was already. Like candy on my tongue. I couldn’t resist her taste and pushed my tongue inside her as deeply as I could. I held my tongue there, trying to taste all of her and I felt her fingers in my hair as her body quivered from the pleasure. I felt her pussy dripping down my chin as I held my tongue inside her.

I moved my hands up to her ass, holding it, rubbing it, squeezing it, caressing it as I licked her pussy. I kissed her clit gently. Then again. Pushed my tongue inside her and began kissing her delicious cunt passionately. Sucking her lips. Sucking her clit as my tongue moved over it. She pulled my hair and her soft whimpers turned into deeper moans.

I stood up in front of her and pulled her to me. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I kissed her deeply and let her suck her juices off of my tongue as the head of my cock teased her pussy.

“pleasssssssse,” she whimpered.

I smiled at her and pushed her against the wall of the shower. I felt the hot water beating down on my back as I pushed my cock inside her. She was so hot and wet. The hot water on my back. The heat of her pussy squeezing my cock. It was so intense. All I could do was bury my face into her neck and bite and suck it as I moaned deeply. I pulled out of her all the way to the head of my hard throbbing cock. Then back inside deep. Again. Slowly fucking her as I held her against the wall.

We were moaning together, our breathing in rhythm, our eyes locking for brief moments before we close them in pleasure. I felt her squeezing my cock with her pussy. Her fingernails were digging into my back and my fingers were holding her firmly. I felt my cock swelling and throbbing inside her and began to fuck her harder. She began to thrust back against my cock. So deep.

“I want to cum,” she said.

I could hear the desperation in her voice and smiled at her as I fucked her harder. I watched the pleasure on her face as I felt her tightening around me. And then she began to cum. She came so hard she forced my cock out of her dripping pussy. It was covered in her wetness and I looked down at it and watched as I held her there and she writhed in my arms. I sat her down on the ledge of the shower and rubbed the head of my cock on her wet face as she continued to cum. I stroked it as I watched her, and she opened her mouth and sucked the head as I jerked my cock. I felt her tongue swirling around it and couldn’t take anymore. My cock began to swell and throb in my hand and I moaned and felt my knees weaken as my cum began to spray into her hot sucking mouth. She moaned as she felt it hit her tongue and eagerly swallowed it down as i held her hand in my hands. Just draining into her wet mouth. I took her hand and helped her to her feet and we kissed again deeply and moaned into each other’s mouths….


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