Slave’s Surprise

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Jessica was checking her email as she got to her Masters house from her last class when she noticed an email that was left up on the screen minimized. Her Master had given her permission to use his computer to check her email but she usually didn’t look at anything of his. Her curiosity was overwhelming her as she hovered the mouse over the window and clicked it. It was his sent items, and at the top of the list was an email that was titled tonight. She didn’t know any of the addresses on the top of the email, but it was to 3 people. She looked back over her shoulder anxiously as she clicked to open the email:

“Dont forget about tonight guys, be at my house at 7. I am looking forward to it as Im sure she is.”

She felt the excitement in her legs and up through her body as she ready these lines, not sure exactly what he had in mind, but excited none the less.

As she got up to make herself a drink and ponder what might possibly be planned for tonight, she got a message on her phone.

“Wear something sexy tonight.”

Jessica smiled and felt her pussy drip as she read the message. She went to the bedroom and found her smallest black G-string and put on her sparkling low front dress. She had never worn it for anyone but her Master but was sure that he would approve of her choice as many compliments as he gives her on it.

She grew more excited and nervous as the time for her Master to get home drew near. She sat down on the couch with her drink, trying to relax and calm herself, but thoughts of what the evening may bring kept swirling through her head. Her daydreams were shattered by the sound of the keys in the front door and the sound of her Masters voice. Baby, are you ready?

She smiled at the sound of his voice and went in the hallway to greet him. He smiled at her seeing her choice of outfit and pulled her to him. As he kissed her deeply she could feel his cock already getting hard under his pants and knew he must have something wonderful planned.

“I have a surprise for you tonight.”

She looked up at him eagerly, “what is it?”

He smiled at her as he took a blindfold out of his pocket and kissed her forehead as he slid it over her eyes.

“Youre going to love it.”

He walked her to the living room and sit you on the edge of the coffee table.

“You just wait right here and relax.”

He kissed her lips softly and she heard his footsteps trailing off towards the door. As the door opened, she heard the sound of several male voices but none of them sounded familiar. She could feel the burning between her legs as she heard their footsteps. What did he have planned for her tonight?

She heard their voices as they got closer. It sounded like two others, or three maybe? She couldn’t tell for sure as they got closer.

“Well guys, here she is.”
“Nice dress!”
“She is hot man, nice.”

She felt their eyes on her and moved her arms over her chest a little, feeling a bit shy not knowing whose eyes are on her.

“It’s ok baby. They are all friends.” He smiled down at her and took her hand, kissed it, then put it to her side.

“Say hi to everyone.”

“hi,” she say quietly and smiled.

He looked down and saw her body trembling a bit in anticipation as she heard the guys talking about her, her dress and her body.

“Sexy isnt she?”

He looked down and noticed her smiling shyly.

“Go ahead, touch her.”

She felt the first chill go through her back as a pair of unfamiliar hands moved over the front of her dress, squeezing, rubbing her tits. She almost pulled back when she felt the unfamiliar touch, but then felt his thumbs over her nipples and a soft moan escaped her lips. Her nipples hardened as her Master watched his friends, one in front of her, rubbing her tits and the other two moving to either side of her. She felt more hands on her. On her soft face, in her hair. She found the nervousness being replaced by lust as she felt her pussy drip. She just knew her little thong was almost soaked.

Her thoughts were shattered again by the sound of zippers coming down. She felt her pussy throb as she heard the 2 zippers, first one then the other. The man playing with her tits looked back at her Master and he smiled as the man pushed her dress aside and began kissing and sucking her nipples.

“You’re getting wet aren’t you sweetie?”
“Yes, Master,” she moaned quietly as she felt the two men beside her rub the heads of their cocks on her face.

She instinctively reached up and her hands found the cocks. One was rock hard and about 6 inches, the other a little bigger and still getting hard. She squeezed the hardening cock and moaned as she felt it harden in her hand. She rubbed softly up and down the other cock as she turned her head and parted her lips.

“That’s it baby,” show them what a good girl you are.

She opened her mouth wider and kissed the head of one of the cocks she was holding. Her hand moved slowly up and down the other, squeezing as she stroked. She felt her dress being pulled off of her shoulders and moaned as she felt the cool air on her bare chest.

“Mmmm look at those tits,” the man she was sucking moaned, as he put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. “Beautiful tits!”

“Someone tell me how wet she is,” she heard her Master say.

Her body tightened in anticipation of the touch and moaned loudly as she felt a finger slide quickly under the front of her thong and brush against her clit.

“She is drenched, horny as hell man!”

He smiled at her and watched as the man that touched her pussy slid his finger inside her. It was all she could do not to cum right then, but her pussy tightened around his finger and her muffled moans grew louder as she moved her mouth to the other cock. She closed her eyes, listened to the men’s moans intertwined with her own moaning as she felt her panties being tugged down.

Jessica found her mouth going back to the bigger cock as she tried to deep throat it. She gagged a little then moaned and squeezed the other cock as she felt the man in front of her put his lips on her clit. She felt his tongue tracing and pressing against her clit and she moaned and tightened her lips around the thick cock in her mouth.

“Not too much,” I know she tastes good but she doesn’t deserve to cum yet.

She hears him laugh after hearing her Master’s words and push his tongue deep inside her soaking cunt. It was all she could do not to cum as she squeezed his head with her legs, sucking harder on the cock in her mouth, gripping the other tightly.

She heard the other man get up in front of her and his pants unzip as well. She eagerly opened her mouth to taste his thick cock and moaned as he pushed it down her throat. Her hands stroked the other two throbbing cocks harder and faster, encouraged by the moaning.

“Lay over the coffee table.”

She moved as quickly as she could, not losing grip on the cocks in her hands and trying not to take her mouth off the other as she laid across the table as her Master instructed. She instantly felt the head of his hard cock against her clit and took the cock out of her mouth and moaned. She felt the sting of his hand on her ass and quickly sucked the cock back into her mouth. She tried to push back against his cock, wanting her Master inside her so badly, and whimpered as he pulled it back away from her. She sucked and stroked the 3 cocks harder, moaning as the men’s moans intensified.

She felt his finger against her ass briefly tease it before pushing inside and filling her tight ass. She moaned and squealed around the cock in her mouth and felt her pussy throb. She felt his hands on her hips and moaned again as he pulled her back slowly. Slowly until just the head of his cock was inside her. It was all she could do not to cum as she tasted the precum in her mouth and felt his cock swelling inside her.

Her Master filled her cunt with his cock inch by inch, feeling her squeezing him, feeling his cock throbbing inside her. After holding his cock deep inside for a moment he began to fuck her so hard and deep it was all she could do to keep the other cock in her mouth as she moaned. Without warning, she felt the cock in her mouth swell and heard the man moan as he emptied his load down her throat. she tried to swallow it between moans, then opened her mouth for the other men as she stroked them faster. First the man on the lefts cock began to swell. She felt it so hard before feeling his warm cum stream across her face. As he rubbed the head of his cock on her cheeks the other man began cumming on her face too. Streams of hot thick cum ran down her face and chin as her Master fucked her deeper.

“Do you want to cum?”
“pplleeeassssse!!” she begged and whimpered as the cum dripped down her face and splashed on her tits.

“Cum for me right now!”

She felt herself lose all control as her pussy spasmed around his cock. His cum streamed inside her as her pussy milked his cum and the other men rubbed the heads of their cocks on her face, smearing their cum.

She listened to everyone moaning, breathing hard, trying to catch their breath.

“Jessica, what do you say?”

“Thank you Master, and thank you all for all the cum.”

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