While her boyfriend sleeps…

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It was just after midnight and I turned my headlights off as I pulled in front of her house and checked her last text…

“I left the front door unlocked, just come inside and I’ll be waiting for you,  he is passed out….”

I couldn’t help but smile as I read her words.  As I walked to her front door, I could feel the waves of nervous excitement building in my body.  I opened the door slowly and quietly, and felt my cock already tingling for her as the cool air embraced me.  I quietly walked through her living room, and down the hall, my mind already full of visions of her.

“I wonder if she is already wet for me…”

My thoughts were interrupted as I reached the guest bedroom and slowly peered inside.  The smile on my face turned to a look of confusion.  I turned to enter the room, but to my surprise she wasn’t on the bed waiting for me like we had planned out.  I felt my phone vibrate and felt the nervous energy shock my body as I pulled it out to check it.

Had her boyfriend woken up?  Do I need to make a quick escape?

“Come back to my room 🙂 he drank so much tonight, he’s not going to wake up…”

I smiled down at my phone as I walked towards her room.  I was nervous, but so excited by the idea of playing with her with her boyfriend right there.  If he only knew all of the dirty things we do together, and how wet I make her, and how she makes my cock throb.

I slowly opened the door to her room and held my breath as I heard the door creak.  I looked up quickly and saw her on the bed, smiling up at me.  There was a small light on her table that made the curves of her body glow softly.  She laid on top of the covers, wearing only a black thong.  Her legs were spread slightly and she had one hand on the front of her panties, and one hand on her chest.  My gaze met hers as she traced her finger to her bottom lip and licked it as she stared into my eyes.  My hand went to the front of my pants, I could already feel my cock straining against the fabric.  I glanced over at her boyfriend, and the mass of covers under which he laid was rising and falling with his deep heavy breathing.  I moved quietly to her side of the bed and smiled down at her as I slowly unzipped my pants.  I watched her eyes on my hand as I reached in to pull my cock out.  Her eyes lit up as it sprang to life in front of her and I knew the tip was already wet with precum, just by watching the way she licked her lips…

I moved closer and reached down and groped her breasts with one hand as I held my cock in the other.  I squeezed the base as I felt her nipples harden under my fingertips, and I began to rub the head of my cock across her bottom lip.  The wetness on my tip quickly glossed her lips before her tongue began to tease me.  I felt the pleasure throughout my body as her tongue worked the head of my cock.  She flicked it across the tip, then swirled it all around, caressing it passionately with her tongue.  I squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and looked down to watch her take my head into her mouth to muffle her soft moans…

Her nipples were so hard and so was my cock.  Her back arched slightly every time I applied more pressure to her sensitive nipples.  My cock was throbbing as she began to take it into her mouth.  I felt her mouth get wetter, and watched her take it deeper each time she went down.  It was glistening in the warm light, getting wetter every second, throbbing harder each time she pressed her tongue up to massage the underside.  Her boyfriend shifted slightly and she stopped momentarily, just holding her lips around my cock.  I watched him for a moment to make sure he wasn’t going to wake, then put one hand on the back of her head and began to slowly fuck her mouth.  I was throbbing harder and harder each time I watched my cock disappear into her hot wet mouth.  My little slut.  Moaning on my cock while her boyfriend sleeps beside her.

I had to touch her.  I had to know how wet she was for me.  I kept one hand in her hair, guiding her head on my cock, and slid my other down her neck, then over her chest, over her stomach, and between her thighs.  I firmly gripped her inner thigh and she spread her legs instinctively for me.  My hand moved up quickly, and gripped down over the front of her panties, holding her pussy in my hand, to serve as a reminder as to who it belongs to.

She was so wet.  I could feel her sex on her panties and I began to rub her clit over the soft fabric.  She began to suck me deeper and I could feel her muffled moans on my cock as she started to squirm.  My finger slid under her panties and I pushed it inside her.  I felt her coating it with her wetness and felt my cock throb in her mouth and drip more of my sweet precum on her tongue.   Her tight little cunt squeezed my finger so hard.  I could tell how badly she needed it tonight, and not just my finger.

I listened as she caught her breath as I pulled my cock out of her mouth and I took her hand and guided her to sit up and put her legs on the floor.   I slid my wet finger slowly from her pussy and put it between our mouths so we could both taste as I kissed her.  Our tongues touched and swirled together around my finger as I guided her to lay back on the bed.   She moved slowly, laying across her boyfriends legs, as I took her feet in my hands and held her legs up.  He didn’t even move.  I smiled down at her as I stood there by her bed.  I nodded to her and watched as she reached down and slide her panties over for me slowly.  Her pussy glistened so wonderfully in the light.  I had to have it…

I moved closer between her legs.   I pressed the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy and moved it up and down only long enough to coat the tip in her wetness before pushing it inside her.  I felt her clinch down on my cock and bit my bottom lip to stifle my moans.  I could feel my cock pulsating against the walls of her pussy.   I took her legs and guided her so they were wrapped around my waist and I held her outer thighs firmly as I began to fuck her.   Slow but so deep.  I could feel her squeeze every inch of me as I slid out to the head, then deep inside her again.  She put her finger in her mouth and sucked it to quiet her moans and I couldn’t take my eyes off of hers.  The bed began to move slightly as I pushed in harder, wanting all of her, starting to lose control already as I felt her grip on my cock tighten more and more.   She was close too I could feel it.  I reached down and pressed my thumb to her clit and just held my cock inside her as I rubbed her.   I watched her eyes as she started to cum.  Her pussy squeezing my cock was so intense I couldn’t hold back any longer.   I leaned in and buried my mouth against her body and moaned into her skin as I started to cum inside her.  Her quivering pussy milked it out and drained my cock.  All I could do is stare down at her, panting, draining inside her, throbbing and filling her up.   Her legs were shaking around me as she held me close to her.

I stood there a moment, letting the pleasure move through us both, before her grip around my waist relaxed.   I smiled down at her as I leaned down by the bed.  I looked up at her as put my tongue against her clit and gave her pussy a passionate kiss.  I could taste both of our juices and felt her body quiver while my tongue massaged her clit and her dripping hole.  I took her hand and guided her to sit up on the bed again.  I leaned in and kissed her passionately, pushed my tongue into her mouth so she could taste us both, and we moaned together until we felt her boyfriend stirring again.  I put my hand behind the back of her head and guided her to lay back down.   I kissed her forehead then kissed her lips softly and smiled at her as I took her hand and turned to leave.  My finger slowly slipped out of her hand as I walked toward the door.











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